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Linen Towels For Hotels

Where Do Companies Get Linen Supplies for Hotels?

In some hotels, there's no doubt as to how the linen supplies are handled. There'll be a big room with a humongous washing machine or two, and a similar amount of dryers. Some poor worker will be stuck in the room, sweating as they try to fold seemingly infinite towels as housekeeping staffers impatiently wait.

This, however, is an old-fashioned way of handling linen supplies for hotels. It is also expensive and inefficient. Because of this, you may not find laundry facilities in hotels that are more upscale or more modern. How are they taking care of the need to put out hundreds of new linen towels for hotels every day?

These laundry-less hotels have contracted with a hotel linen company that provides clean linen supplies for hotels. A hotel linen company will pick up all of the dirty laundry and drop off clean replacements. The hotel linen company will then take the dirty laundry to a large facility where they provide hotel linen cleaning services. A large staff then does any needed pressing, and then folds everything up for shipment to the service's stable of clients.

Typically, the provided linen supplies for hotels are rented rather than being owned by specific hotels. This makes things more efficient for the service since they can just count out how many of each item to deliver to specific customers. It also makes operations less expensive for the hotels since the hotels don't have to worry about buying replacements for worn or stained items.

Aside from bed sheets and linen towels for hotels, a hotel linen company can also supply uniforms. For many years, it has been standard for hospitality workers to be provided with removable name badges instead of customized uniforms. It is because they get their uniforms from a hotel linen company.

If you need linen towels for hotels and don't want to deal with hotel linen cleaning services, contact Premier Linen Services today. Premier Linen provides a high quality linen service program specifically tailored to the needs of hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, spas, salons and more. Outsourcing the laundering of your linens to a trusted provider like Premier Linen, allows for you to focus on what you should be doing - giving your customers an unforgettable experience. No matter what business you are in, your time and effort is best spent on hospitality and guest satisfaction - not on laundry.

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