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Bar Towels

Professionally laundered linens enhance both your customers' dining experience as well as enhance your company’s image.  We have a large selection of linens readily available on site, as well as the ability to cater to your specific needs or special occasions.  All of our linens are packaged neatly and are labeled according to size to help you manage your inventory easily.  Our cleaning and finishing team are very precise and work hard to ensure that you receive the right amount of linens, and that all of the linens you receive are clean and ready to be placed on a table.   

Unlike other companies, Clean Linen Co Services does not make you commit to a par level contract that you must adhere to. We know that different seasons require changing linen needs. Instead, at Clean Linen Co Services, you are only billed you for what you use!  That’s right, we only bill for the items you request.  Helping you save money and run as efficiently as possible is one of our main goals. 


Whether you own your own linen, or prefer to use our rental program, you will not be disappointed with the Premier Linen Services experience!

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