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Linen Supplies for Healthcare

Lighten Your Workload with Memory Care Linen Services

Memory care facilities use huge volumes of linens every day. Sheets, uniforms, gowns, towels, and more must be cleaned and sanitized after every use. Yet, such facilities typically are not able to field their own laundry staff to get this work done. Instead, they contract out for linen supplies for healthcare or commercial laundry service.

Memory care linen services are essential for the smooth operation of such facilities. They deliver clean and sanitized loads of laundry on a scheduled basis, and at the same time, pick up loads of used linen supplies for commercial laundry service. This makes it so that facility staff can spend very little time on processing their cloth items. All the staff needs to do is collect the dirty laundry and put out the clean versions.

These services handle everything from linen surgical gowns to bedding and reusable towels. The company that offers linen supplies for healthcare facilities actually owns the linens and rents them out to memory care facilities, hospitals and clinics. This eliminates the need for facilities to purchase linens, and then repurchase them as the old ones wear out. For many facilities, this is the real secret to the always-clean look that their linens have. There is no temptation to reuse stained materials when the rental service can simply retire them as a matter of course – without charging more money for doing so.

Memory care, hospitals and other healthcare facilities sometimes need linens that are more commonly associated with the hospitality industry, as well. Tablecloths and napkins are some of the most common of these, thanks to the fact that many hospitals have cafeterias or even full-service restaurants on the premises. Fortunately, these can be handled by the same company that provides the linen supplies for healthcare. The healthcare facility simply needs to tell the linen service which types of things they need, and how many, in order to get the restaurant supplies added into their usual shipment.

There is no need to stick with white or another healthcare-like color when dealing with a linen service. For the restaurant supplies, operators will find a wide array of color and design options. More basic supplies, such as surgical gowns and beddings, may have more limited color palettes since many facilities do not prioritize this aspect of their operational needs. Even so, there should be some choices available.

For memory care facilities a memory care linen service ensures that health care staff are freed from having to spend hours on laundering and pressing their fabric goods. It also is a good way to ensure that everything is properly sanitized prior to use.

If you are in need of a linen supplier around Fort Myers, FL that offers linen supplies for healthcare and commercial laundry service, contact Premier Linens. As a linen supplier around Fort Myers, we provide a multitude of linen services for the Health Care and Assisted Living Industries. We have a rental program for dining room linens, laundering services for sheets, bedding and towels, as well as dry cleaning services for employee uniforms.   

Cleanliness and abiding by the highest sanitary standards is our utmost priority, especially when working within the health care sector. Your company’s well being and your patient's health is imperative to us.

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